PFS Ti/Walbro Pump Adapter
PFS Ti/Walbro Pump Adapter
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PFS Ti/Walbro Pump Adapter

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Want to convert your Walbro 450 style pump (Or Ti F90000267, 274, 285, 295, etc) to 5/16 male quick disconnect discharge instead of fooling around with clamps on corrugated line?

PFS has a solution for you.  Available in Straight up (single) and both 90 degree single as well as double outputs.  Worried that 5/16" isn't enough flow path?  Don't  -we've flowed more than 1000 whp through these fittings, easy to install, no leaking, and low profile compared to the types that leave pump barbs intact.

Add a 3/8" coupler nut to make cutting threads on the pump snout super easy.

Not sure how to implement this stuff?  Email us, and we'll be happy to help you walk through whatever project you need done.



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